SID Institut

SID Institut focuses on the success of its students within a fixed period of time through an intensive course program offered by a professional and experienced educational team.

Who We Are?

SID Institut is an institution located in Berlin, which offers courses and services in various aspects. The preparation or foundation course (also known as the Pathway program) helps you not only with pursue an education in a German university but also supports you in integrating with German environment and culture. In the Pathway program, we offer an intensive German class with the duration of 27 to 32 weeks. This gives you a strong preparation for German study programs (both for Bachelors or Masters), Studienkolleg as well as helps you in your daily life and workplace in Germany. On the other hand, as one of the renowned private Studienkollegs in Germany, our Studienkolleg courses (T Course, G Course, M Course or W Course) are constructed suitably to students and the preparatory curriculum. This enhances a greater chance in participating in the public German universities after passing the state assessment test or FSP. Besides, the variety of services such as apartment registration support, airport pickup, university applications and so on help a student comprehensively and easily integrate in the dynamic life in Berlin, Germany.

What we offer?

Pathway Course

For the best free education in Germany, it is necessary to have a good command of the German Language. By attending the Pathway Course in SID Institut, you will be facilitated with the best condition to learn German in Germany from the basic German level to the C1 German level within only 7 months. This foundation course will prepare you a great German language ability to confident applying in any Studienkolleg in Germany in every field (T Course, G Course, M Course, and W Course). 

Studienkolleg Course

Studienkolleg functions as a ‘bridge’ between secondary education and university studies. SID Institut offers total of 4 different Studienkolleg courses which will prepare for students the sufficient knowledge to attend almost fields in university education, which are:

T Course Studienkolleg (Technical)
M Course Studienkolleg (Medical)
W Course Studienkolleg (Economics)
G Course Studienkolleg (Arts / Humanities)

Studienkolleg offers courses tailored to the needs of international students, in order to prepare them for further studies in the German system. The subjects in Studienkolleg Programs are all taught in German and are intended to prepare the participants for the assessment test at the university of their choice.
Participation at the SID courses is possible without an entrance examination.

Our Services

Application to University

With the professional support from the SID Team, students will be helped to prepare all required materials to be admitted to their desired university. This process will be conducted before they arrive to Germany. The service is especially recommended if the Admission letter of University is required for the Visa approval procedure and the service is only provided if a timely enrollment is possible. There is no guarantee for enrollment. The contracting party commits itself to the timely provision of required documents.​

Registering an apartment

The service includes assistance with the registration of an apartment. This includes the compilation of the required documents, completion of forms and, if necessary, the agreement of an appointment with a civil office. The registration of an apartment takes place in Berlin only with appointment. It should be noted that, if necessary, very long waiting times can be expected. In exceptional cases, the registration of an apartment can be done without an appointment.

Pick up services

Airport Pick-Up

This service includes the one-time pick-up at the point of arrival in Berlin (only Berlin Tegel Airport TXL, Berlin Schöne feld Airport SXF) and the transport to the previously indicated address in Berlin. The pick-up location must be notified to the SID service in good time, but no later than seven days before arrival.

What my Students say?

I am preparing for the FSP so that I may study medicine in Germany. I’m excited about teaching with the teachers. You can quickly identify the gaps and immediately find the appropriate way to fill them. I find the way to teach things easy and understandable, you feel like you’re in training, like home. That’s why the atmosphere in the classroom is always relaxed. They prepare great tasks, some of which they think up ‘live’ themselves or find out from unknown sources. In addition, after 11 years of school, math and physics finally became exciting.
The math teacher (Fazi) I find one of the best teachers. He is very hardworking and practical during class
I think the courses are great here. The artist of mathematics is Fazi. The course with him helped me a lot. Together we made a good team. His method, explanations and creativity motivated me to achieve my goal.