Vorbereitung Aufnahmetest – Preparation Studienkolleg Admission Test​

The Aufnahmetest (Aufnahmeprüfung) Studienkolleg, also known as the Studienkolleg Admission Test, is an entrance examination for the applicants who want to participate in the German Studienkolleg. In the Studienkolleg entrance test, applicants must demonstrate their language skills in one or more tests (for example listening comprehension, reading comprehension, C-test, and writing). In addition, students will be examined their basic knowledge of mathematics, English or economics ( This depends on the chosen focus course). The Aufnahmetest Studienkolleg for the summer semester takes place in January or February and the winter semester takes place in July. After passing this exam, students can prove enough competence to participate in German Studienkolleg, which also know as preparatory courses in sectors: W Course – business, economics courses; G Course – arts, humanities courses, M Course – Medical Courses or T Course – Technical, Engineering Courses. By attending our Vorbereitung Aufnahmetest – Preparation Studienkolleg Admission Test​, participants will be prepared the sufficient knowledge to successfully pass this entrance exam in order to start their Studienkolleg education.

The Vorbereitung Aufnahmetest Studienkolleg (which means Preparation for Studienkolleg Entrance Exam) was constructed by the SID Institut professional team to consolidate mathematical foundations and prepare students for the mathematics lessons of the main course.  The course consists of elementary mathematics, quadratic equations, logarithms, and systems of linear equations.  In analysis, derivatives, differentiation rules, whole and ruptured rational functions, exponential functions, and curves are covered.  Additionally, analytic geometry is an important area, with vector algebra, plane equations, and scalar product. By attending this Vorbereitung Aufnahmetest Course of SID Institut, you will be prepared to successfully pass the Aufnahmetest Studienkolleg to participate in the public German Studienkolleg.